Monday, 12 March 2007

We Sold Some Stuff!!

Three cheers everybody - last night we sold some stuff on eBay. We sold 9 of the Toys and Games and for mostly good prices - nothing outrageously high and one item did go for 1 penny but never mind, as the Man of the House pointed out - we now have two empty plastic crates!! Most of them have already been paid for with Paypal so I can send them out straight away.
Task for this morning then is to make sure that it's all clean and working and get it wrapped up for the trip to the village Post Office.
There are another two boxes of toys listed on eBay this week so this time next week I should be getting rid of some more!!
Great news!!

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Secret Squirrel said...

Hello! I am your secret pal! Welcome to Secret Pal 10!

Prepare to be pampered!