Thursday, 15 March 2007

Retail Therapy

I mentioned that I was going for some Retail Therapy .... I drove to the nearest place with not 1 but 3 (!!!) Yarn Shops and forced myself to browse around the whole shop in each case rather than just doing a quick recce. As a result I was tempted into buying two more skeins of Noro Silk Garden (well they were in the Reduced Basket so who could resist), a packet of seed beads to embellish the Ella Shawl, a Knitting Needle Gauge because I've found a pile of needles with no size marked on them and a whole stack of ideas for my Secret Pal.

Have decided that Yarn as a gift is going to be tricky as I don't have a big stash of yarn anymore - it all got put into the blanket. Quality yarn (as preferred by my Secret Pal) is expensive and takes up a large portion of the suggested budget so I've decided to go down the 'Spoiling' route and have come up with a long list of lovely 'nice to have' things that you probably wouldn't buy yourself AND they fit better with the budget. It's a shame I can't say any more to help any fellow SP10ers who are also struggling to come up with suitable suggestions. Perhaps I'll put some photos and lists up when it's finished.

1 comment:

Secret Squirrel said...

Ah yes, but what do YOU want from your secret pal?

And where is this place that has 3 yarn shops in close proximity! I DREAM OF SUCH A PLACE EVERY NIGHT!