Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Not Enough Time to Go Round

Well there isn't, is there? On Friday mornings I do the Supermarket shop with my daughter, Friday Afternoons I try to find some child centred activity for the two youngest. Saturdays we do Family Shopping (clothes, shoes etc) and housework. Sundays we do Car Boots, Sunday Market and Family Outings. There's no time to go near the computer let alone pick up the needles so hobbies seem to be limited to Monday to Friday Evenings once the kids have gone to bed.
Having spent Friday afternoon trying to keep the two children amused, by teatime my daughter was vomiting violently and I was trying to keep up with the cleaning up. By bedtime I had a car and 3 car seats, 3 lots of clothes, 1 lot of pyjamas, two sheets and a blanket to be cleaned - YUK.
Spent Saturday morning cleaning the stinky car and seats and then left the kids to clean the outside with buckets and sponges.
By Sunday teatime Son No. 2 was vomiting violently and then I had to clean up 2 carpets, 1 bathroom, 1 duvet & cover, 1 sheet, 2 pillows, 3 lots of clothes and dozens of towels that I used to clean up with. By bedtime I was throwing up violently too, but I'm a grown-up and I can get to the bathroom in time so no extra cleaning required!!
By Monday morning I had run out of clean sheets, duvet covers and towels and had to phone my Mum to come and help with the clearing up as I was too ill to even think about it. Fortunately she came, even though she lives 2 hrs drive away, and did the cleaning and most of the washing for me whilst I lay, feeling abysmal, on the sofa.

So after all that - no knitting, no hobbies of any kind. Just cleaning, washing, ironing and more cleaning. Tomorrow they are all going back to Nursery and God help anyone who is sick tonight!!


Secret Squirrel said...

I hope you and your family are feeling much better now!
My stepson had that vomiting thing a few weeks ago. I feel your car cleaning pain!

Shawnee said...

Oh dear, it's everywhere. My co-worker got so sick we had to call an ambulance last week! I hope everyone's on the mend. Your house must be spic and span!