Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Winter Warmers Catch-up

I'm 3 or 4 weeks behind with the posts for the Winter Warmers swap so in case anyone is reading this and is interested (!) here goes.

So, what is your favourite winter warmer for your hands?
I have a lot of pairs of gloves - all of them leather and none of them knitted! I like the look of mittens and I'd enjoy knitting them, but they aren't very practical when you've got 3 children and you are always having to carry things, blow noses, dole out sweets, look for your keys - all at the same time. I also have a hatred of fingerless gloves - they remind me of Steptoe or Fagin. Handwarmers, Wristwarmers and cuffs are all nice though and very practical

Do you have a favourite pattern or finished object?
There are lots of patterns for mittens and gloves in my rav queue and these are my current favourites - Anenemoi
Druid Mittens
Paradoxical Mittens
Entangled Stitches
What is your favourite yarn for gloves/mittens/hand warmers?
Something soft - Merino, Cashmere, Alpaca, bamboo - i have sensitive skin so can't stand anything mohair, angora or even rough wool.

Are there any patterns out there you would love to own?
I have the patterns for Druid Mittens and Entangled Stitches already - Paradoxical Mittens would be top of my list.

I love scarves - I'm a real sucker for buying them though because I find knitting them very very boring. I'm going to buy a loom in order to WEAVE scarves instead - that's how much I love them.
I have never knitted a scarf - either for myself or for anyone else - I must be in a minority on Ravelry - there are some patterns in my queue but I think in my heart of hearts that I would rather someone knitted me a scarf as a present than I ever had to sit and do one for myself.

What is your favourite way of keeping your feet warm?
I love thick, cosy, very soft bed socks that are slightly too big. I get cold feet in bed so often wear socks to go to bed in and then kick them off in my sleep half way through the night.
Do you have a favourite pair of socks you reach for to keep your toes toasty?
I used to reach for my Fiesta Feet socks until the dye ran when I washed them and now I get upset looking at them. My second favourite pair are my Jaywalkers but they aren't quite as soft as I would like.
Is there a pair of socks/slippers you have been wanting to make for ages but haven't got around to?
So many sock patterns, so little time. I'd like to knit some knee length socks which would help to keep my legs warm.

My favourite yarn (that I have actually touched) is Natural Dye Studio Angel - Cashmere/Baby Alpaca & Silk. I don't get the chance to feel many yarns in the flesh so I'm not an expert but anything with those fibres in would get my vote. PS - I hate stripy sock yarns with a passion.

These are by far my favourite warming project and very much needed in our cold house when the heating goes off. I have some woollen and some fleece blankets in the cupboard but I like the idea of knitting some throws and having them ready on the sofas downstairs for when I get cold.
I have only knitted one blanket - this one which looks lovely but has too many holes to be a lap blanket - i need something more solid.

Browsing Ravelry I found these which I like
Scrap Afghan
Curve of Pursuit
I have the first Mason Dixon Knitting book which contains alot of fun knitted blankets - this is probably my favourite. I adore the ones from the latest Mason Dixon book though - this one especially. Can't wait til gets the book in stock.

As an afterthought - it's freezing outside and the best way I've found of really keeping warm has nothing to do with knitting - it's a laptop on your lap, very toasty!