Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Book Collector's Anonymous

Yesterday I was trying to stop Sons Numbers 1 and 2 from killing each other so I had to stay in the same room as them for most of the time. Whilst I was there twiddling my thumbs I started to wonder just how many books we really have in this house and how much more room we might have if I got rid of a few.
Do you remember the photos of my bookshelves? I grabbed an old envelope and a pen and started (roughly) counting how many I could see in the Living Room. Later on that evening when the 'Man of the House' had come home to take his turn separating the boys, I went round the rest of the house and finished my list. The result surprised me - I honestly thought we had more.
Here's the list:-

  • Kitchen (Cooking & Gardening) - 145
  • Hallway (Crime, Science Fiction, Reference) - 449
  • Living Room (Crafts, Fiction, Maths & other Hobbies) - 893
  • Dining Room (Crime & Autobiography) - 438
  • Landing (Science Fiction, History & Sport) - 401

Grand Total - 2326 and that's doesn't include the pile on our bedside tables or the children's books.

Last week when we were sorting some things to put on eBay we filled 6 boxes with books that we think we might be able to sell on there. I listed the first 20 this morning. I've put another 20 onto Amazon and 20 on http://www.readitswapit.co.uk It's going to take an awfully long time to cut down the numbers, especially as my OH has been collecting these since he was a child. Wish me luck - it would be so much easier to just put the books in the bin but I can't do that can I?

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