Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Signed up for another swap!!

I have 2007 Knit-Alongs and Swaps set up as a feed into my Blog Reader as I want to do more swapping. I've joined an Easter themed magic yarn ball swap as it sounded fun and a little different to SP10. Here are the answers to the swap's Questionnaire (i thought it might help my SP10 Pal a little!!!)

My favorite colors - Blue, Pale Pink, Cherry Red, Aqua, Emerald Green, Slate Grey, Purple. I hate acid, bright and neon colours.

My hobbies - well knitting, reading and I'd really like to spend more time gardening but it's son cold and windy here that I'd rather stay indoors instead.

My kitchen theme and colors - I don't do themed rooms but my kitchen has pale cream cupboards, slate floor and black granite worktops. Stainless Steel appliances & cream walls. Does that help?

My bathroom theme and colors - our en-suite bathroom is limestone so pale yellow/beige/cream and it has a chocolate tiled border and chrome fixtures.

My dislikes - nuts, fish, loud noises, argumentative people, trashy TV.

My crafts - knitting crochet, origami, card-making, painting, drawing, dressmaking, soft-furnishings, baking cakes.
My allergies - none.

My favorite pets - grew up with 3 dogs and 13 cats so I don't dislike animals but I would NEVER have another one in my house again!!

My favorite scents - Freesia, Lilies, Jasmine, Hyacinth.

Other stuff about me - i would like to fill my life with more.....
Silence (my kids make too much noise)
Tidiness (my cluttered house makes me depressed)
Plants (I find them very restful and they are always grateful for tender loving care)
Chocolate (can't get enough of it, so long as it doesn't have any nuts in it)
Books (but I really shouldn't get any more)
Beautiful Things (especially if I have made them myself)

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Secret Squirrel said...

That does help! I've got some great ideas for what to get you!