Thursday, 3 January 2008

Review of 2007

A little late but what the heck, here's my review of 2007...
Firstly, was I Green enough? Well I'll bet I've been Greener than 95% of the planet this year (which doesn't say much for the human race really) but I know for a fact I haven't been anywhere near perfect. Here's what we did well on this year.....
1. All new light bulbs this year have been low energy ones. (now the living room is so dim in the evening that I'm going to have to buy one of those downlighters with a daylight bulb which kind of defeats the object doesn't it?)
2. We recycled almost everything in our household waste - Paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles, Green Waste etc. Waste food was composted in one of two heaps. Anything re-usable was Freecycled or taken to the Charity shop. Our bin was NEVER full so our contribution to the local landfill site was minimal.
3. We mended the tumble dryer instead of getting a new one.
4. We turned all the electrical appliances off every night instead of leaving things on standby - the exception of course is the Sky box because it really seems to hate being turned on and off and takes 3 hours to warm up.

Things I shouldn't have done but will carry on doing in 2008:-
1. Using the car to do the school run. If anyone would like to try to walk my 3 to and from school twice a day in the rain, wind and freezing cold they are welcome, it takes over an hour and you'd have to do it twice a day. Whilst you do it for me and save the planet, I'll put the kettle on!
2. Throw out food when I've bought too much of it. I really should freeze stuff and read up on leftover recipes.....I could try buying less but that usually means more trips in the car to the shop....difficult carbon footprint choice here.
3. Bought so many books that I still haven't read. I'm a sucker for Amazon and for 'real' book shops and I can't see myself giving up this little vice anytime soon.

Things we will be trying to do in 2008:-
1. Buy less stuff.
2. Give unwanted and unused stuff away - forget about ebay, land of the criminals and fraudsters, this year we'll just be charitable instead.
3. Compost all our waste food in a wormery or similar - the boys like the idea of the worms.....

No review would be complete without saying something about Knitting. Several of my online friends have completed variations on this end of year knitting meme and I've blatantly copied it from them.
Favourite yarn of 2007
Sophie's Toes, recently sent to me by Jeanne. It's a delight to look at, to touch and to knit with.
p.s. to anyone who sent me yarn in 2007, please don't be offended that I didn't pick yours as the favourite - I'm a yarn tart, I like whatever I can see in front of me....
Favourite needles
Gotta be the Knitpicks Harmony Circular set. It's breathtakingly beautiful and really well made. Now if only I could get the hang of magic loop....
Favourite new pattern
Skin of the Sea by Ilga Leja. I WILL knit this, I WILL knit this....
Favourite project of 2007
I haven't been as prolific as I would like to have been but I guess it's got to be Tilted Duster
Worst Project of 2007
Hummphhhhh. Glade was terrible, a real drag to finish and I've only worn it twice. I also have several single socks that need to be frogged in 2008.....
Favourite new technique
I learnt alot of things about knitting techniques this year - I knitted my first socks both toe-up and cuff down, I mastered beaded lace in the Mytery Stole, I did my first short rows in the dreaded Glade. It's no good I haven't got a favourite, maybe in 2008?
Favourite knitting website
Ravelry! I don't spend as much time on it as some people I know but I am finding it an increasingly pleasant waste of my spare time. This year I need to start using it to match up my stash with the right projects and make a list of yarn I need.
Favourite knitting book
Norah Gaughan Knitting Nature

Knitting Wish Lish for 2008 (please note, I did NOT say the word 'resolution'.)
Finish the Mystery Stole 3
Get the yarn stash down to just the two boxes that fit under the bed......
Make more sweaters and fewer socks!
Master Magic Loop, even if I then decide never to use it again!


Jeanne said...

Your green review for 2007 made me feel bad - but we do use the low energy bulbs now. Glad you like the yarn - can't wait to see what you make. I just got the KP Harmony DPN's - love them! Happy New Year!

Arianne said...

Being green is hard! Our ward doesn't collect food waste/compost and we don't have a garden so all our food waste has been going in the bin. :( If we could compost our weekly rubbish bin would be much smaller! :(

I think you've done really well! I especially like how you fixed your own dryer! :) Does your washing machine load front or top?

Happy End of 2007! Good luck for 2008!! (P.S.- I'm not offended! I'm a yarn tart too! Right now I'm the current yarn-slave of Mirasol Sulka. It's soft and luxurious and beautifully heathered. Andy is lucky!! It's for him!)