Friday, 30 November 2007

Can a tumble dryer really kill the planet?

Our tumble dryer broke last weekend - the drum stopped turning and there was a smell of burning rubber. I seriously considered not replacing it - after all we are always being told not to use them - dry your clothes outside (not in this part of the country where it's always raining), get a clothes horse (my kids would soon have that on the floor and anyway, where the heck would I put it?) or use the radiators (have you noticed how stuff that is dried on the radiator ends up feeling like cardboard?). No-one ever mentions the fact that one you have used one of these methods to dry your clothes, use of the steam iron is then compulsory to remove that cardboard feeling.
So all you eco clever clogs out there...which is worse the tumble dryer or the steam iron? After just 4 days without a dryer and therefore almost without a washing machine (no point washing if you can't dry and yes it has been raining almost all week) I've decided that in a house with 3 children, a tumble dryer is ESSENTIAL.
So how did I rescue my green credentials? I went to and ordered the spare parts needed to fix the tumble dryer. Cost? About £25 and in a couple of days time the Dryer will be like new and I will be happily drying all the clothes by machine again.
Tumble Driers have very few parts and almost all of them are easily accessible once the back of the machine is off. SO, if your tumble dryer breaks - at least think about repairing it yourself. It isn't hard (not if I can do it, it isn't) and it's got to be better to repair than fill a landfill site with a large hunk of metal.


ContinentalCat said...

Well done for repairing it, and 25 is quite reasonable. And thanks for posting that link; they actually have the spare parts for my old Zanussi, which was difficult to come by in the first place but is still going strong - like to keep it that way for a few more years.

Jeanne said...

Good for you! Glad you got it fixed!

Arianne said...

Hmm...the same thing has just happened to a friend of mine who is just going to buy a new one in the January Sales...I was upset. I told her your idea and showed her a few websites to help and she wouldn't. :(

I wish more people cared. We fixed our washing machine recently. :) Saved the idiot landlady buying a new one. :)