Monday, 28 January 2008


I was in need of Retail Therapy this Saturday so I totally forgot that ITV were showing The Prisoner of Azkaban. I got home in time for the last 10 minutes! I'll have to try and watch my DVD copy before next Saturday when they are showing The Goblet of Fire!!!

I'm finding it really difficult to put together a package for my swap partner as she doesn't answer my emails (sorry, owls) and doesn't Blog much about knitting. So far I have selected the needles to send, chosen a bag pattern that EVERYONE will like (no offence there) and have narrowed the yarn choice down to 2 types. I'm not sure about the stitchmarkers yet and I am really stumped when it comes to the 'extras' as she has given me no clues......still there's plenty of time left in this swap for her to give out some useful information.

I am enjoying the swap though, patiently waiting each day for the Ravenclaw riddle, getting frustrated when it arrives whilst I am asleep or committed to Family things. I am also at the bottom of the leader board with just 1 point!!! Will have to try harder on that one. Quidditch starts this week and although I have some idea about what we are supposed to do, I really haven't got a clue and don't even know if the 4 hour window we've been given to play in, is a suitable time for Europeans - will have to try and find out.

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Arianne said...

Oh my gosh. That swap sounds WAY too complicated for me! If somebody tells me I need to be online at a certain time there's probably a 100% guarantee that I'll forget or just plain not do it. That's why I don't own any of these sock yarns that require you to be online at a precise moment of updating. And why my friends are all mad at me. :)

But I did watch Prisoner of Azkaban with the Orcling and Evil Andy on Saturday. :)