Saturday, 5 May 2007

Far too busy to Blog

I've been far too busy to Blog this's a catch up.

1. Have put another 200 books on ebay - it was half price listing day on Thursday making it just 2p per book - an opportunity too good to miss. Fingers crossed that I actually get rid of some of them this time.

2. Took No. 1 Son to see Consultant - he has now had his meds changed to Strattera. All sorts of paperwork and leaflets came with the prescription and this morning the actual medication arrived at the Pharmacy. Plan to give his first dose tonight and then it's fingers crossed that we don't get any major side effects. He has to take this for 6-8 weeks before it will be at an effective level so we can see if it's working. IF it works then it will be the first time in 9 years that we haven't had to deal with full on ADHD for at least 16 hours per day.

3. Got my Knitters Treat package posted off to the US. All colour themed and wrapped - it looked lovely and I really hope Jeanne likes the things I made for her.

4. Cast on Glade, not in the recommended Rowan Bamboo (way too expensive for me at the moment) but in Patons Soft Cotton at about 1/3 of the price and knits up to the same gauge.

Have completed the back, both fronts and part of one sleeve in the very boring stocking stitch. Then it's on to the edging - knitted sideways and causing no end of problems for others. Seems that Rowan might have quoted the wrong needle size for the edging so I'll need to be careful to swatch and measure carefully. What did we all do before the Internet? Presumably everyone else thought the same thing as me i.e. it must be my fault it's not working out. Nowadays of course we Google the pattern name and find at least a dozen other people struggling!!

5. As my April Sp10, Magic Yarn Ball and KTE parcels have all gone, I am now left with my Dye-No-Mite challenge. I ordered some goodies from Wingham Wool Work and they arrived 2 days after ordering - FABULOUS! Have already decided on the colours to use BUT my utility room still looks like a bomb-site so this week I must get it tidied or I will have no room to work.


lauriec said...

I have friends whose son has had wonderful results w/ Strattera!

And amen to the 'net & helping knitters! I recently made a dishcloth for a swap & discovered an error in it----thought it was me but when I went to website I found it on I discovered they had a forum & sure enough---an error was mentioned! Interestingly enough the webmaster has YET to fix the error in the pattern!

Secret Squirrel said...

Boy have I got a surprise for you!! :)

Just wait a little tiny bit. I hope you like it!

lauriec said...

BTW, read my blog---you've been tagged!