Monday, 21 May 2007

May SP10 Competition

Now my chances of winning this month's SP10 competition, set by our hostess Bobbi, are zero. You see I'm about to give totally the wrong answer. The question is about going on a foreign holiday for 10 days to a place with some great knitting locations - 'What do you pack to knit?'.
ANSWER: Nothing - I NEVER knit on holiday.....
Knitting is something I do to stop me thinking about 'things' too much - on holiday I can read a book or be distracted by shopping, eating, sightseeing etc so I don't need to knit.
Knitting is something I do to stop me eating too much in the evenings whilst watching TV - well a) I don't watch TV on holiday and b) I don't mind how much I eat on holiday, so I don't need to knit.
Knitting is something I do at home that is relatively easy to pick up and put down again in the snatches of free time I have during the day - on holiday I've got acres of free time that I'd rather use to read or sleep, so I don't need to knit.

The second part is easier - 'What do you hope to shop for?' Well, like everyone else I'll bet, I like to shop for locally produced yarns that I've never seen before and can't get at home or yarn bargains if things are cheaper than the UK.

And finally, 'Where would you go on a knitting holiday?' Assuming that I could actually get to go on such a thing (I would have to go without OH and without children of course!) then I would choose to go somewhere with a strong knitting tradition - Iceland or Peru I think. (I've already done Norway which was brilliant.)

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Bobbi said...

Wow! You are the only person who answered that they would not take knitting. But I totally understand your thinking. I take socks and never get as much knitting accomplished as I thought I would. Mostly only on the plane or waiting in terminals. The rest of the time is for relaxing!