Thursday, 26 April 2007

My First Sock

What were you expecting? Miracles?

This was knitted on cocktail sticks to start with and GarnStudio Fabel Sock Yarn which I absolutely love. I got annoyed with the cocktail sticks after the 3 rows of ribbing (they were cheap ones and even though I'd sanded them down with an emery board they were still too rough - Note to Self: buy good quality cocktail sticks next time.) so I switched to 3 x 2mm and 1 x unknown size of DPN. According to the video I watched online EZ says that you can use 1 dpn that's a different size to the others and that the difference in gauge with even out as you knit the sock - happy to report she's absolutely right!!

Isn't this lovely? I'm going to turn it into a Key Ring for one of my Swap Buddies although my sons both wanted to have it and were absolutely fascinated.


Secret Squirrel said...

Cool! I think sock key rings are a very cool idea! And I think it's really innovative to knit with cocktail sticks!
(Some of those brittany birch DPNs are just like cocktail sticks after all, only smoother, and heavier, and prettier of course.)

Anyway, happy knitting! And look for another surprise coming soon. :)

Jeanne said...

Very cute! And very patient of you to knit with such tiny knitting needles!