Thursday, 24 May 2007

Things I Am In Love With

I am totally sick of 'Glade', more on that topic tomorrow - I can't bring myself to Blog about it today- so I have been surfing the web looking for lovely things to knit. Some day soon I'll finish the dreaded 'Glade' and feel able to move on to one of these lovely things.....
P.S. Note to any of my Knitting Buddies in the US - Shibui patterns are NOT available here in the UK so if anyone is wondering what to put in a Swap Package for me then one of these would make my year - the shipping on them costs more than the patterns!!!

Shibui Knits Icosa Ball - I just know the kids would use it as a football and it doesn't look like a comfortable cushion but you've got to admire the geometry of it.

Shibui Knits Half Circle Cardigan - the colour is vile but gasp at the construction of it - who thought of that???

Noni Bags - Now I'm not a handbag kinda girl - I only have one bag - a large black leather one in which goes everything including spare nappies, milk, dummies, book, sweets, money etc. If I go out with my husband I never carry more than a handkerchief because I don't have an evening bag. These bags are so breathtakingly beautiful that they would be perfect for going out. I also love the Lattice Bag, the Cherry Blossom, the one covered in flowers etc etc.

I like a challenge. I've bought this pattern - Fiesta Feet by Lucy Neatby. It's knitted in two colours so you've got the added complication of coping with two balls of wool as well as the complicated stitch patterns. Have bought the cream yarn but can't decide on what to use for the coloured bit. The pattern says you can use up your stash but since I don't have one I have to buy something....
And finally - I saw this on someone else's Blog and went straight to Woolly Workshop to order it - Skin Sea by Ilga Leja knitted in Worsted weight. I think my Hipknits Aran Silk is going to look great knitted up into this.
Links to any other seriously inspirational patterns are always appreciated!


Jeanne said...

I love the last pattern! I just may be sneaking off to buy that too...

Secret Squirrel said...

Dear Secret Pal,

I have a bad thing to say. It is that I am not nearly as talented as I'd hoped and the secret thing I'm making you for your second parcel isn't quite done yet. I'm trying very hard.
Don't hate me and report me to the secret pal police. I hope you'll have your nice parcel by next week.

Secret Squirrrrrreeellllll