Thursday, 7 June 2007

No More Dyeing Then.....

....sorry about the pun but I'm a big fan of Ruth Rendell and I have been doing a lot of dyeing this week. Without giving too much away as it was all for swap partners - I did two 1200 yard skeins of Laceweight BFL, one I called 'Strawberry Ripple' and the other I christened Summer Meadow because it is green. One has gone to a swap partner and the other is waiting for some other items to join it for another Swap Package.

I also dyed 250g (8oz) of British BFL Tops for yet another Swap. I was really pleased with the colours so I hope she likes it as much as I do - good job I can't spin or I might have been tempted to keep it for myself.

The fibres came from Wingham Wool Work which has a workshop that looks like this

lovely isn't it? and it's only a few miles from where my Mother lives in Yorkshire.

And otherwise my only knitting is the dreaded Glade. I have successfully knitted up two cuff edgings now - both had to have extra plain rows on each end to make them fit the bottom of the stocking stitch sleeve. Then I realised that I wasn't going to have anywhere near enough yarn to complete the edging.
Having measured the back I have realised that it is way too big and so I had no choice but to unravel it all. I've now worked out how many stitches to cast on to make the back the correct size and hopefully with the spare yarn generated by knitting it smaller, I'll have enough to finish the cuff.
I'm really sick of Glade now and wish to God that I hadn't started.

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Jeanne said...

Sorry you had to frog the back of Glade - hopefully you will fly through it the second time and finish it! Don't you just hate when a project seems to become a burden? Maybe you should take a break and work on something else? Your dyeing sounds beautiful...