Tuesday, 19 June 2007

It's Been a Good Week for......

.....Fiesta Feet Socks (Pattern by Lucy Neatby) The heel flap is in a honeycomb stitch which looks great - my only complaint is that one side has a stocking stitch edge to it which makes picking up the stitches easy and neat, the other side of the flap is all slip stitches and by comparison looks a mess. The pattern on the sole is lovely - will do a close-up when I have some better daylight but if I'm honest I don't like the 'jog' in the pattern at the end of each round - I think it needs to be moved a couple of stitches over. Still, I'm now on the long slog up (or should that be down?) the foot towards the toe.

.... Finally Starting to Sell Online

I have had a website selling eco-friendly gifts for 18 months now and things have been moving VERY slowly. This week things finally started to move a bit faster and I actually had to re-order. These fairly traded baskets come from Madagascar and make GREAT summer knitting bags - they are all lined and have a drawstring or zip closure - room in there for a book and suntan lotion too. PLEASE check them out and tell your friends www.GreenGreenPlanet.com and there are plenty of other lovely little gifts.....

....Tidying up my life.
The downstairs rooms all all pretty clear now apart from the books which we are still trying to sell on ebay or exchange on ReadItSwapIt. That just leaves me with the mess and the clutter upstairs. I've been reading a book by Dawna Walters - the woman who started 'The Holding Company' selling all kinds of things to put your 'stuff' in. Now of course she has realised that the root of the problem is actually 'the stuff' and she advocates getting rid of it rather than buying storage for it. I can see her point but I don't think my kids are ready for it yet.
I have written myself a computer program that will match up the patterns I want to knit with the yarns I now have in my cupboard. I'm on the waiting list for Ravelry but in the meantime I need to get my house in order. The advantage of MY version of Ravelry is that I don't have to photograph my stash - after all I know perfectly well what it looks like, it's only upstairs!!

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Jeanne said...

The sock is amazing- love it! Very cute bags - would the small ones be good for socks? I have a program that I put my stash into - but I am looking forward to Ravelry too!