Sunday, 10 June 2007

Eco Tip - Number 1

I decided that there isn't enough 'Green' content on here so I'm going to publish ONE eco tip per week - something small and easy to do, nothing strenuous. Think about it - can you change your life one little green step at a time?

Tips Number 1 - Get a Fly Swat (You didn't expect me to be TOO serious did you?)
It's almost summer and as the weather in the UK improves, out come all the flies - big ones, little ones, ones that buzz, ones that bite. We're really lucky in England not to have the midges that they have in Scotland and not to have anything seriously gruesome like they have in hotter countries.
But still those little buzzy things are dead annoying not to say downright unhygenic. Before you reach for that can of Fly Spray or hang those sticky traps, have you stopped to think what's in them and just how they kill the insects????
I won't go into details here, you can Google for the answers, suffice to say that the chemicals in insect killer sprays are NASTY. Nasty for you, nasty for your children, nasty for your home oh and of course nasty for the insects. Spray enough in a room and close the door and you too would choke to death.
A plain old fly swat is the cheap and fun alternative. Round here they cost 50p - £1 (that's $1 to $2) and it's a lot of fun swatting and very satisfying to despatch the insect quickly and stop it from buzzing around your head. (Apologies to any Buddhists - I promise I say a prayer for each and every one I kill and no, i don't want to come back as a Housefly.) Even my children like to swat the flies and now if they see one in the room they come running for the fly swat so they can 'have a go'.
So this week's eco tip is ' Stop using chemical insect killers on a regular basis, either learn to live with them or SWAT them!'

P.S. Don't forget to clean your fly swat regularly - no NOT with bleach - hot soapy water will be fine!!

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