Thursday, 26 April 2007

Losing Heart

Part 1 - De Cluttering Failure
We had a really good weekend in terms of getting jobs done and things tidied away. My MIL looked after the children and we managed to send 6 large boxes to the Charity Shop and organise 485 books into boxes for selling/swapping/giving away.

But now I'm losing heart with the whole exercise - I put 90 books onto eBay at 99p each and only 11 of them sold, we just about broke even if you don't count the cost of my time listing, wrapping and posting them. At that rate it will take a YEAR to get rid of all these books and that's if they sell at all.

OH went to a Car Boot on Sunday and reported back that hardly anyone was managing to sell their books, even though there were plenty of people with lots to sell.

We had to finally agree that they may just have to go to the Lions' Charity Book Sale and we will have to admit defeat on this one. It will break my heart to see them all go - I love my books!

Part 2 - Knitting Failure

I've been admiring this wool in my box for several weeks now - bought on a whim from the Natural Dye Studio - it's Alpaca/Merino and the colours are just beautiful. I spent an hour browsing sock patterns on the web, looking for something that would show off the colours and settled on Razor Shell Socks. Went to the needle case - NO small DPNs - only had 3 x 2mm and the next biggest were 4mm and 30cm long!! Decided to try Magic Loop as there was a 3mm circular. Watched the video online of Magic Loop a couple of times and cast on to give it a try. Yuck!! Magic Loop just doesn't suit me, I really like knitting with circulars but all the pulling and sliding as the stiches go on and off the needles - well I found it really slow and I couldn't get gauge either so I ripped it out in frustration. That's a whole evening of surfing/knitting and CSI time wasted. BAH HUMBUG.

Part 3 - Secret Pal Failure
I've been knitting something for my Secret Pal (can't tell you what as I WILL do it eventually) and I've been trying different things for over a week now - different yarns, needle sizes, stitch patterns - I've tried all sorts of different things to make this project work and it just doesn't want to co-operate with me. In the end I had to admit to myself that 'The Project' wasn't going to make it into April's package and instead I wrapped up lots of other things and posted them off with a heavy heart and a feeling that I'm not being a good enough Pal - some of the packages people have received are stunning!! Now the pressure is on to try and make it for my Knitter's Treat Pal instead.

Off now to find that bottle of Prozac and, as my MIL would say, 'Count My Blessings'.

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Secret Squirrel said...

I've been feeling that I'm not a good enough pal either.

So...I'm going to step it up!! Just you wait and see. :)