Monday, 23 April 2007

My FIRST Swap Parcel has arrived!!

It arrived at last - my first SP10 package from Secret Squirrel and in fact, my first ever Swap package.

OK so Secret Squirrel must be British or at least living/working here as this is a Royal Mail jiffy bag with British postage label. The return address has been covered up with a Post-It note and I'm not going to spoil the surprise by removing it - it's fun to keep guessing.

Purple paper and a Greetings card.....

Wow - 200g of Undyed Trekking, Food Colouring, CHOCOLATE, Wool Fat soap and some really cute Wishing Sheep from the Lake District. Now I can experiment to my heart's content with the yarn and the only person who has to suffer the results is me!!! A huge thank you to Secret Squirrel, whoever she may be. I've ordered Dyeing to Knit from Amazon and as soon as it arrives I'll be busy wrapping the kitchen table in cling film ready for my handpainting experiments.

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Secret Squirrel said...

YAY! I am really glad you like it!! If you want any more undyed yarn to experiment with just maybe drop me an e-mail because I am only too happy to spoil a newbie dyer with "blank" wool for experimentation!