Monday, 19 November 2007

There must be another way...

I finished my duaghter's Pinwheel Jacket but I'm not going to blog it....yet. Her verdict? 'Me no like it' once I had finally got her to try it on I could see that the arms are way too small - the pattern says 'knit until sleeve measures 12 inches'. Well my daughter must have arms like a baboon because she's only 2 but the sleeves are still too short. I didn't like the way the yarnovers ended up being HUGE holes around the arms either - they look OK on the circle for the body but once you pick up and start knitting the sleeves, well bleughhh.
Anyway, I didn't like knitting it and I don't like the finished result either. I'm too fed up to rip out the sleeves and work on it so I've put it away for a while.

Which brings me to my next topic....
I've got really tired of the whole cast-on, photograph, finish, photograph, blog, Ravelry thing. Knitting is supposed to be a hobby, something that keeps me busy, keeps my mind occupied and my hands off the chocolate. Lately it's become about buying more yarn than I need, casting on for things in too much of a rush and feeling pressurised into blogging when I don't want to.
I'm glad there's going to be a break before SP12 because I need one. Blogging is supposed to be a hobby too - not a chore.
I'll blog again when I've got something decent to show you - and not before!


Jeanne said...

Sorry the pinwheel jacket didn't work out - maybe after a break you'll feel differently about it. And knitting is supposed to be fun - I've decided to just blog when I have something to say and not worry about it.

Erssie said...

I agree.

Instead of us knitting to keep us grounded and away from technology, it seems I spend half my life on Ravelry or answsering emails about knitting when I should be knitting and designing.

Even publishing patterns you find that the smalles amount of attention is given to the actual making of the garment and everyone wants to concentrate on the photography and written pattern and all the promotional/marketing stuff that surrounds it.

I am happiest when I am knitting garments for me and my family and I am not worried about how interesting it might look on my blog!

Arianne said...

I totally and 100%ly agree...I hate feeling like I have blogbligations...I can focus on one thing at a time....and it's not blogging! It's knitting!