Thursday, 22 February 2007

We'll Try to Be a Bit Greener Today

I know, it's taken me a lot longer to catch on to Blogging than everyone else but I'm here now and ready to start.

So Why Blog? I was inspired by a fabulous, hilarious book - 'A Life Stripped Bare' by Leo Hickman, in which the author tries to live a Greener Life. He does all the easy things - changing the lightbulbs, closing doors, turning the heating down etc and after that, life gets much more difficult. It's laugh out loud funny and I can't recommend it enough.

Anyway, my family and I have done all the easy things - here's a shortened list of what we've done so far:-

Changed (almost) all the lightbulbs for low energy ones. (We only change them when they stop working so it takes a while to swap over)
Draught-proofed the front and back doors of the house.
Started a compost bin.
Recycled everything that the Council collects.
Donated all usable items to Charity Shops and Freecycle.
Unplugged all the appliances we don't use.
Yelled at the kids 20 times a day to 'shut the door' and 'turn that light off'.

At least we think these are the easy ones - for some people I know, even taking stuff to the Charity Shop is too much like hard work & into the bin it goes.... I wondered if my life would turn out to be as funny as Leo's if we tried harder to be Green. So here's my blog to share how we get on.

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