Saturday, 24 February 2007

Can you see what the Problem is?

I spent most of today cooped up inside watching the rain run down the windows. I took the camera on a short trip round the downstairs rooms and captured the following images. Can you see what the problem is?

Most rooms in our house look like this or have an area in them that looks like this. Do you think that all of this stuff is providing some sort of eco-friendly insulation? Please note the very tasteful pink checked sheet hung up at the window instead of a curtain - nil cost draught-proofing!!
I have, of course, resolved to do something about it but what that something might be, I'm not too sure. It wouldn't be Green of me to throw it all away so I'll have to find ways to Re-Use and Recycle. Perhaps if I tackle one room at a time.... no wait a minute I've tried that and all that happened was that I tidied one room and simply moved the clutter somewhere else. No, success has to be measured by the volume leaving the house FOR GOOD (and hopefully to a better home than mine).
I'll add more pictures as the situation gets better (or worse, just wait until you see what's inside the garage and it isn't a car). If you have any helpful suggestions then please post Comments. Now I'm off to find that copy of The A-Z of Recycling, wonder which bookshelf I put it on.....

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Helen said...

This probably proves how nosy I am, but I love looking at other people's bookshelves!!