Tuesday, 27 February 2007

More Photos of my Hoard

Took some more photos of the downstairs rooms complete with their quota of 'stuff'.
From left to right:-
1. Laundry Room - complete with old TV, Hula Hoop, Aluminium Foil, Bags of Childrens Clothes, the Man of the House's Tools. Not much room in here is there?
2. The cupboard that is supposed to store shoes, ironing board, Hoover and Floor Mop. Something else seems to have crept in here when I wasn't looking. Wonder where I put the Ironing Board....
3. This is supposed to be my Living Room not the Box Room!
4. And finally, here is the pile of things we haved sorted out for eBay. Hope the kids aren't reading this as half the stuff is theirs. Wonder how long it'll take me to list that lot!
Tomorrow's Task is to take some photos of upstairs. Might be tricky even making it past the door in one of the rooms......

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