Friday, 1 February 2008

Sock Stash Elimination Campaign

This is the third and final group/KAL I intend to join in 2008 (note, I said 'intend' so I reserve the right to change my mind, especially if Pink Lemon Twist does another Mystery Stole.) You can join the Sock Stash Elimination Campaign group too by clicking on the link. Each month our Leader issues a set of 'Orders' telling us what kind of project to knit using Sock Yarn from our Stash. When you've finished you post your project to the Blog - there's a monthly prize too! There's also a group on Ravelry for sharing FO's and asking advice, chatting etc.

My effort for January is Swing Thing from Magknits January 2006. The main body is made with Patons Aran but the narrow coloured bands are made with Sophie's Toes - yes the same stuff that also made the Jaywalkers! I'm not sure if it will count but the 'Orders' for January were for something for a Baby and I don't know any Babies other than my own wee one!!

So here is the best shot of the finished coat/cardigan (I'll compain yet again about how bad Digital Cameras are at taking pictures of red things!!).

And here is a close-up of the sock yarn element for the record...

Typically, Miranda said 'Me no like it' when I tried to put it on her for the photo...I'm hoping she'll wear it soon though. It's a lovely coat/cardigan and was enjoyable knitting. I'd be happy to make another one if she eventually weras this one!

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Arianne said...

It's beautiful! And such a great colour!

I hope she wears it! It'd be so cute! :)