Monday, 1 October 2007

A Public Apology

I would like to write a public apology to my Secret Pall 11 Upstream pal for not blogging at the required level of 4 posts per month. My son has ADHD and is very ill at the moment - his meds are not working, my husband has lost his job so we have no salary to speak of and bills to pay. Please forgive me for not posting - Blogging is currently the last thing on my mind....

I am knitting though - in the spare moments I have. I was knitting a scarf for my downstream SP until I found out she doesn't like purple - project now on hold. I am knitting a Felted Bag for the Fall Felted Bag Exchange and it is almost ready to send out but of course I cannot blog the bag until my partner has received it. My favourite project of the moment is the Norah Gaughan Tilted Duster from Interweave Knits Fall 2007. I am using Drops Alaska in Dark Red and have completed the bodice and sleeves. When I can find the camera and charge the batteries - I will blog a picture of it. I got the yarn from this website and they were absolutely fantastic - not only is the yarn very reasonably priced but I got the yarn the day after I ordered it. FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE - if you are in the UK then please visit Scandinavian Knitting Design for DROPS and HP Love yarns.

I need to go now as it is 22:30pm and my son is still awake upstairs singing at the top of his voice. He is going to wake up his Brother and Sister in a minute!!


Jeanne said...

Nikki - sorry that you are having a rough time of it - I hope things improve quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hey - your SP11 here. No worries! I've been having fun perusing your previous posts! And, in a very strange twist of fate, I met your upstream from SP10 - (via Ravelry.) What a coincidence - I had corresponded with her a few times about projects and then one day I clicked through the link on your blog to hers and put 2 and 2 together. Neither of us had any idea until then! Bizarre and cool, huh?!

My thoughts are with you in this trying family time. I'm sending you warm vibrations!