Saturday, 13 October 2007

Knit 1 Tea 2 Package Arrived

Finally the Royal Mail is not on strike and manages to deliver some post.... My KnitOne TeaTwo package all the way from the US.

Here is the all important tea - I have never tried Black or Green Tea so those will be first to try next week. The Yorkshire Tea is packaged just a few miles away so it has been all the way to the US and back again!!
Next we have an ENORMOUS mug with beautiful flowers on it - definitely a real mug size, there is a rabbit tape measure, sheep magnet (my youngest has stolen it already!) and two bars of chocolate which I've never seen before. The chocolate will have to be hidden before the kids see it.
And if all that wasn't enough, then I have all natural soap and chocolate orange lip balm, a lovely card with an Owl on it and some hand made....wash cloths? They are far too soft to be coasters so unless Katie emails and tells me I'm wrong, I have decided that they are washcloths.

Why is it that Digital Cameras can't take decent pictures of anything red? This is Koigu (I have never seen it in the flesh before so I'm so pleased to have this yarn.) The colour on here looks purple and lilac but the actual yarn is shade P859 and is Dark Red. I didn't even use the flash and the camera still got it wrong. I'll have to try to edit the photo manually.
Anyway, a huge thank you to Katie who sent me all these lovely things and made a dismal Saturday much easier to bear.


Jeanne said...

Very nice exchange loot! Too funny that you got tea from right around the corner! Koigu is one of my favorite yarns...I'll have to look up the color!

Anonymous said...

No SP11 yet? Darn! It's coming!!! USA mail takes so long to travel overseas!

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes they're supposed to be coasters, but maybe you could sew them together and make a real washcloth! Sorry I didn't make anything better, I'll admit I've been a little busy and it was kinda last minute.

Glad it got there safe and sound. :]


Arianne said...


And furthermore, that parcel is also top! You're very lucky! Maybe I should Tea Exchange too! :)