Tuesday, 3 July 2007

SP11 Sign-ups are Open!!


Swapping starts in September so it won't clash with any Summer Activities I might organise.
SP10 has been great although I still don't know who Secret Squirrel is and I haven't tried very hard to find out either as that would spoil the surprise.
I'm guessing that she's American as she uses phrases that are definitely not 'The Queen's English' e.g. gussied up and there is something about her written English and handwriting that just says she's not a Native Brit. She does live here though as her parcels come by Royal Mail from London.
Secret Squirrel is good at taking close-up photos of flowers - she has sent me some great ones.
Secret Squirrel doesn't have kids - she hand embroidered my needle case with complicated Celtic knotwork and it must have taken hours - far longer than knitting something so she must have 'time on her hands' (lucky lucky person).
That's about all I've managed to come up with and she's done a good job of hiding her identity so WELL DONE Secret Squirrel. Can't wait until her last gift arrives and I find out who she is.

And my own Secret Pal? Well I can't say just yet as her final package hasn't arrived yet.....

1 comment:

Secret Squirrel said...

You're so right on so many fronts!

:) But I won't spoil the surprise. Royal Mail assures me you'll get your final parcel tomorrow! :)

It's been so great being your secret pal!! :D I hope you like the last one. It's not anything terribly much, but I think you'll like it anyway. :)