Tuesday, 10 July 2007

I'm in a huge rush today......

I have to go to the Supermarket
Wrap 6 or 7 books that I sold on eBay and post them
Update the competition
Blog my Tour de France progress
Aattend my eldest's School Production of the Wizard of Oz
Sneak out of that before the end to pick-up my younger son from Nursery
Sneak back in to the Wizard of Oz before the end and clap like mad

and all before 3:30pm

Here's my 'Skin of the Sea', I'm about half way across the back piece and I apologise for the colour changes - that's the electric light.

Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern, which I am really enjoying, although after knitting socks for a couple of weeks this is like knitting with string and broomstick handles and I can't believe how fast it's growing!

Right that's all I've got time for - gotta earn that Green Jersey today!!

1 comment:

thursday said...

Wow! Look at those colours! I love it. It's looking lovely so far!