Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I hate Ally Pally

no not really, I'm just jealous. I went online yesterday in search of some luxury yarn for my SoSeSaSwa partners but every store I went to had cleared out their online inventory in order to take it all to Ally Pally!
There's nothing in my stash that I am prepared to part with so I am stuck until everyone updates their shops after the weekend - how cruel is that?

P.S. was trying to knit mittens for Operation Christmas Child last night but I've lost my sewing up needle again......ARGH!!!!


Danielle said...

I've been trying to work out if I can change my mind and go to Ally Pally on Friday, but honestly, I'm preparing for a second birthday party on the Saturday and I'm not convinced that it is the kind of place to take a not quite two year old (even if he does like yarn!). It does seem as though everyone but us is going though.

ambermoggie said...

I'm not going either so you aren't alone. I can't afford and its way too far

Arianne said...

I'm working at Alice's Socktopus's hard work!

But Ally Pally isn't the MOST best. I mean, I prefer places like Woolfest in Cumbria. :) It's way cool.

Would you like me to see if I can pick anything up for you? I could snag a few minutes away from the booth to grab you some yarns. :)