Saturday, 1 September 2007

FFBE Contest

What is your favourite yarn for felting and why? I haven't done much felting, that's one of the reasons I joined this swap. So far my favourite is Noro Kureyon because I like the way it stripes during the knitting and they way they look after felting.

1 person not from the USA - Katie B is from New Brunswick, Canada - she is here.

1 person with a dog - Laurie D has a dog called Bailey - she is here.

1 person with a child - Tonia, she is here

Do you prefer October or November and why? November I think because it's usually colder and crisper than October which can be just horribly damp. I'm also a sucker for Guy Fawkes - Toffee Apples, Parkin, Tomato Soup drunk from a plastic cup next to a HUGE bonfire and best of all - the fireworks. I love fireworks!

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Arianne said...

Oh, I love the Autumn. My favourite season for all the reasons you mentioned for loving November! (And also because of the Damp!) In America my favourite holiday is Hallowe'en and it still is here as well, but the celebration of it out here is just not the same. For that kind of revelry I wait for Guy Fawkes night. And because I live right next door to the venue of the biggest Bonfire Night Party in London (well, one of the biggest) I can watch all the fireworks from my balcony without having to brave the crushing crowds. (Trust me, it's a nightmare.)

But mostly I love nature in the autumn...the leaves, the wood smoke smell from garden fires and the coal smoke smell from's just magic. Best time of year. :)

(I've never tried Parkin but I LOVE ginger cake. My mum used to make gingerbread in the autumns...not cookies, those are for Christmas...but gingerbread cake. Mmmmm. I like to do a spiced honey and milk cake with fresh grated ginger. It's REALLY simple, but it's just amazing.)